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ALT2MEDIA business practices are very author friendly.
We host both physical and ebooks. Ebooks are hosted in PDF ( a sample format ) and ZIP ( a sample ) format.
A) Revenue Sharing :
We will transfer 85%*** to you and keep 15%*** ( FOR EBOOKS ) towards the Server and Software support charges. This is from the NET Revenue received from the PAYMENT GATEWAY towards the sale of your books / ebooks.
B) What we need from you :
1) The Book in digital format.
2) The cover Image in High Resolution.
3) Your Passport size Photograph.
4) Assigned ISBN Number
5) A long description of the Book
6) A brief description of the book for META DESCRIPTION
7) Classification of the book
8) A list of probable keywords for META TAGGING
9) Price of the book
10) No of Pages
11) A brief description about yourself
12) A webpage or content for a webpage.
13) Any promotional / Event photographs
14) A letter / email from you to ALT2MEDIA authorizing the sale of your books online.
C) Report :
Depending on the frequency of sales, we will provide you either Weekly or Monthly Sales Reports.
D) Payment :
The Payment for the monthly sale shall be released by 10th of the subsequent month either through Cheque/ DD or online transfer.
Minimum PAYOUT threshold : Rs. 500/- If your share of the sale is less than Rs. 500/-, then the payout will roll over to the next payment cycle.
E) Number of books :
You can list as many books on our Ecommerce platform.
F) Time to market :
Allow us 7 days to activate your listing after emailing all the content to us.
G) Promotional Discounts :
You may decide the Promotional Discounts to offer against your books any time of the year. You have to inform us through email about the planned discount and validity period.
H) Special Redeemable Coupon :
We can create a special Redeemable coupon for you which you  can offer to the visitors of your website and social media pages. The visitors could use the coupon code and get the special loyalty discount while purchasing your books on our site. You have to inform us through email the CODE and planned Discount for these special coupons.
These coupons are used apart from the regular Discount you will be offering on the store.
I) Payment Processing :
We support VISA , MASTER CARD Credit and Debit Cards as well as Net Banking ( 35 banks ). Please see the details on the store. The buyer gets immediate DOWNLOAD LINK in his account after the successful payment transaction.
J) Digital Download for the customers:
The download links are valid for 10 days and 10 downloads.
K) Book Review Section :
Each book has a Review Section where the buyers can submit their feedbacks.
L) Social Media Tools :
You can promote your book in your Social Media Pages through the direct links from your listing on our Ecommerce store.
M) Important Links :
Kindly visit our SECURED Ecommerce platform at and feel free to go through the IMPORTANT LINKS and FAQ sections.
N) TAXES : As applicable
Providing links to other sites where the ptoducts are listed and being sold.
*** For Physical books, we retain 30% of the revenue.
Your IP Address is:

Varanasi captured in its True Spirit

VARANASI : The Curry for mind, body & soul BY Vishnu Patro

VARANASI : The Curry for mind, body & soul